Welcome to our home, where we aim to provide a comfortable, relaxed and homely environment for all and to cater for the needs of guests who are able to walk a few steps unaided. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help



Carol & Steve Harmes


Camelot House
20 Gannon Road
West Sussex
BN11 2DT

Telephone: +44 (0)1903 204334




Two hundred metres along a pavement from our front gate is a bus stop offering a frequent service to and from Worthing town centre and the main railway station. The journey time is around 10 –15 minutes.

Complimentary pre-arranged collection from both railway and bus stations is offered to those visitors without wheelchairs. There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis.

We can provide menus and guest information in large print if required.

You can contact us by phone, or email (as per details above) should you require any further information.


An off road parking space may be offered, if not assistance will be offered with on road parking.

After car parking there is a flat pathway and pavement (no steps), leading to an unlocked entrance door to a porch.

Entry to the porch is via a door handle approx 1m high over a threshold 10cms high which leads to a locked front door with a bell push about 1.2m high. The porch doorway is 90cm wide.

Assistance with luggage and with entry can be given by prior arrangement.


There is a 7cm step from the porch into the entrance hall via the front door which is 85cm wide. The inner door is always locked. We have CCTV at this entrance.

The hallway entrance lies immediately next to our Ground Floor bedroomdoor with a 71cm wide doorway and no step.

The stairway has PIR lighting that will automatically come on if movement is detected during the day or night. It will be dimly lit at night for the safety of guests.

There is a refrigerator and microwave in the dining room for guest use.

There is a public toilet available in the hallway, which has a wash basin with a 60cm wide inwards opening door and no step. The toilet is 44cm high with a minimum 20cm space either side. The wash basin is 77cm high and mounted on a pedestal.

Next to that is our office/reception with flat access for registration and collection of keys.

Then on to the lounge with a 74cm wide doorway and no step.

Which then leads into the breakfast room via a (680mm) wide gap and no step.  There is access to the garden over a threshold of 7 cm and down one 12cm step.

Guests may use the breakfast room at other times when available to eat their own snacks or takeaways.


There are six bedrooms, one on the ground floor and five on the first floor.  All bedrooms have the following:

  • Mains cold water suitable for drinking.
  • Short pile carpet throughout.
  • Inward opening entrance doors with handles approx 1.0m high and a key operated lock.
  • Ceiling fan operated via light switch 1.3m high and pull cord approx 2m high.
  • Centrally heated radiators with thermostat control at ground level or 1m high.
  • Tea/coffee making facilities with power points at skirting level or approx 1m high.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Guest Information Folder
  • Wall mounted 23”or 32″ Smart HD ready Digital Widescreen TV with full remote control.
  • Chairs without arms (one chair per person).
  • Wash basin if not full en-suite.


  • Entrance from hallway via 71cm wide doorway.
  • Double Superking/Twin 90cm beds with minimum 150cm free space at end and minimum 30cm space either side.
  • En-suite area with vinyl floor, entrance via sliding door having a width of 76cm.
  • En-suite has a shower, wash basin and toilet.
  • A WC 40cm high with minimum 25cm space either side.
  • An 85cm high pedestal mounted wash basin rounded at the front with free space underneath.
  • Shower cubicle has a low 8cm lip and is 80cmx 90cm with bifold doors and grab handle.
  • Non slip rubber shower mat provided.


Are off the landing reached from the hallway via a flight of fifteen straight carpeted stairs each 25cm deep, 80cm wide and 17cm high.  There is a banister rail on the left and right hand side of the stairs for added safety.  The landing is carpeted and on one level with no steps. 


  • Entrance doorway 70cm wide.
  • Twin beds 90cm wide spaced 20cm apart with minimum 1.35m space at the ends and 20cm space at side.
  • Superking bed is the size of two singles zipped together.
  • En-suite area with sliding entrance door having a 60cm  wide doorway.
  • En-suite has a wc 39cm high with a minimum 17cm space at sides, a small wash basin 83cm high with rounded front on a pedestal and a walk in shower with an 18cm high threshold.  There is a grab handle to aid balance in the shower.
  • Non-slip rubber shower mat provided


  • Entrance doorway 70cm wide.
  • Double bed with minimum 95cm space at end, 50cm space on left hand side and 1.075m space on right hand side.
  • En-suite area has an entrance doorway 69cm wide and comprises of a 40cm high wc with minimum 21cm space at sides and a walk in shower with an 18cm high threshold.
  • There is a grab handle to aid balance in the shower.
  • Non-slip rubber shower mat provided.
  • The wash basin is situated elsewhere in the bedroom and is in a vanity unit. The basin is rounded at the front, is 83cm high and overhangs the unit by 12cm.

BEDROOM 3 – STANDARD SINGLE (with shared bathroom facilities)

  • Entrance doorway 55cm wide.
  • Single bed against wall on one side with minimum 97cm space on other side and minimum 70cm space at end.
  • There is a corner wash basin in a vanity unit. The basin is rounded at the front, is 83cm high and overhangs the unit by 2cm.

BEDROOM 4 – STANDARD DOUBLE (with shared bathroom facilities)

  • Entrance doorway 70cm wide.
  • Double bed with 1.02m free space at end and minimum 46cm either side.
  • There is a wash basin in a vanity unit. The basin is rounded at the front, is 86cm high and overhangs the unit by 13cm.

BEDROOM 5 – STANDARD SINGLE (with shared bathroom facilities)

  • Entrance doorway 57cm wide.
  • Single bed against wall on one side with minimum 77cm space on other side and 0 – 56mm space at end.
  • There is a 76cm high wash basin in a vanity unit, with storage space inside if required.


Off the landing on the same level, comprising of a separate toilet and a separate bathroom.


Outward opening doorway 65cm wide with a wc 40cm high having minimum 17cm space either side and 50cm space in front.


  • Inward opening door with 65cm wide doorway leading to small bath with overhead shower and a wash basin.
  • Side of bath is 53cm high and has two grab handles on the rim.
  • Shower head is 1.9m high and can be removed for hand held showering whilst sitting in the bath or sitting on a height adjustable stool in the bath.
  • The wash basin is 82cm high on a pedestal.


We have a good size rear garden with chairs and bench seating for guests to relax in the shade or sun. The garden is accessible from the front drive going up just one 5cm step onto a flat and then gentle sloping concrete pathway of 20m length. The pathway is mainly 1.1m wide but at one point the ground width is 76cm.The garden is also accessible from the dining room down 2 shallow steps.


  • No animals are kept in the house (ie: dogs/cats)
  • No children under ten years old allowed.
  • Availability is shown on our website.
  • Mobile phone reception is good on all known networks.
  • Mobility scooters can be stored and charged overnight in our garage.
  • There is a small communal fridge in our dining room for drinks, food and medication. Larger medical items can be stored elsewhere in a fridge/freezer upon request.
  • Help is always offered with transportation arrangements from our premises to anywhere.
  • Special diets catered for on request and pre-arrangement.
  • We welcome motorcyclists.